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I think of it as The Fool's Journey. I've been asked who the "fool" is. It's me, but in the classical sense of the court jester. Only the fool was allowed to tell the king of his follies. All cartoons are available as prints or originals, framed or unframed, through my website or e-mail. For mugs, t-shirts, and other products visit my gift shop at* (be sure to include the *).

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Greeks Had a Word For It

The little boy who grew up in Beverly Hills was very upset when he stormed in the front door. "What's wrong?" his mother asked him. "Tommy just told me how I got here. I can't believe it. It's really terrible." The boy's mother figured the time had finally come for "the talk." "Oh no," she said, "it's not terrible at all. In fact, it's beautiful. Let me explain it to you. " "There's no explanation," the boy wailed. "Well, what did Tommy tell you?" "He said his parents brought him home in a Bentley. I got here in a Nissan Sentra."


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