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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Climbing to New Depths

On Long Island yesterday, "Black Friday" shoppers at a Wal Mart who had been waiting since the crack of dawn stormed the store when it opened, ripping the hinges off doors and trampling an employee to death. Do we need any more evidence than that to support my theory that economics and psychology go hand in hand? According to an e-mail currently going the rounds of the Internet, studies indicate that 1 in 4 people are insane. Think of 3 of your closest friends. If they have all their marbles then it must be you.


Anonymous Lee said...

Very funny cartoon today, John C.

When I heard about the wal-mart incident I must admit that I could not understand it. If the economy is so bad, why are people buying stuff that they can live without comfortably. To trample someone to death just to buy junk is indeed the height of insanity. Thank God, I know that my 3 friends are all insane, that leaves only me as the sane one, says I with a big sigh of relief.

8:15 AM  
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