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Sunday, November 09, 2008

En Garde, And On And On

I mispoke slightly the other day with my cartoon suggesting a gay man could never ascend to the U.S. Preidency. Well, maybe I didn't completely mispeak, but the news from the small town of Silverton, Oregon suggests that perhaps anything is possible in America, after all. It seems that Stu Rasmussen was elected to his third term as mayor, which is remarkable only because some time during his second term he became a she. Mr. Rasmussen, or perhaps I should say Ms., explained that while some people reach a certain age and realize their dream of taking flying lessons, he had always wanted to become trans-gendered and decided to put it off no longer. He is grateful to the indulgent electorate in Silverton.


Anonymous Jean said...

Next he/she will expect assisted conception to enable him/her to conceive a child. It's all thin end of the wedge. Just my opinion tho.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous il professore said...

As the enormous popularity of Hillary Clinton proved, America is ready for a woman president; as the enormous popularity of Sarah Palin proved, America is ready for Tina Fey as president; but what America is not yet ready for is a gay president. On the other hand the mayor of Silverton proves that America is ready for a trans-gendered, trans-sexual or even a trans-vestite president. In 2012 we may see more men pretending or even becoming women in order to get elected and less of the “I fu#*ked up once but then found God” macho-man type politicos who have been running this nation into the ground.

5:20 AM  
Anonymous lee said...

great cartoon, John C. Personally if that is what turns the mayor's crank and he is a mayor who is honest and improves his city, then more power to him. At least he is not pretending to be one thing and actually being another unlike 3/4th of our elected politicians. My question 'is his wife male or female and if female do they fight over who gets to wear what dress that day'?

9:07 PM  
Blogger Peter said...


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2:02 AM  

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