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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What's the Big Deal?

In 1752 Britain and her colonies got with much of the rest of the world and adopted the Gregorian calendar, thus abandoning the Old Style Julian calendar that had been around since 46 B.C. By decree of Parliament Thursday, September 14 followed Wednesday, September 2. As a result, 11 days were dropped altogether, sparking riots in the streets by mobs who were afraid they were losing almost two weeks of their lives. My point is that the calendar is entirely arbitrary. Were this 257 years ago, we would have already celebrated New Year's Day. It's all arbitrary, a bit like excluding same-sex couples from marriage.


Anonymous Lee said...

Love the fact that like all children, Jeremy sees black and white only. Not to say that he does not have original thoughts by the dozen. Lol. Hoping that this year will be much better for everyone. At least it will be exciting to see how Obama handles things. I am rooting for him now (Despite the fact that my choice would have been Hillary but at least she is being recognized for her ability by Obama so will cut him lots of slack for now)

6:20 PM  

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