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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Everybody's Got One

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I'm racing to get things done and clear out of my house this morning, since it's going to be tented and fumigated for termites. Metaphors for life abound: half-finished containers of food that must be either sealed some way or thrown out, a reminder of projects I've been meaning to complete and probably never will; little creatures gnawing away unseen at the foundations, keeping us mindful of the fragility of things we take most for granted. I'm a nomad for the next couple of days, but should have internet access and will be able to continue blogging uninterrupted. Should I for any technological reasons as yet unforeseen miss tomorrow you'll know why, and I'll make it up with two cartoons on Friday. Fingers crossed.


Anonymous Jean said...

Good luck with that John. You and I have that in common this week as the house here gets a reno... and with it a reassessment of "stuff" and things held dear... (ie what to chuck out what to keep etc). It isn't easy for the artist who sees all things in every darned thing! (((LOL))) C u soon... :-)

(btw Travesty pretty much says it all here doesn't he?)

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Lee said...

Love this and you're right, Jean, Travesty does say it all. Sorry about your termites, John C. Hope none of my relatives are running around in your walls. (believe in reincarnation. grin)

4:50 PM  

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