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I think of it as The Fool's Journey. I've been asked who the "fool" is. It's me, but in the classical sense of the court jester. Only the fool was allowed to tell the king of his follies. All cartoons are available as prints or originals, framed or unframed, through my website or e-mail. For mugs, t-shirts, and other products visit my gift shop at* (be sure to include the *).

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Half Fast

It's worth remembering that on this day in 1835 Mark Twain was born in Florida, Missouri. My favorite Twain quote is, "The worst winter I ever spent was one summer in San Francisco." But perhaps more pertinent in this day of ubiquitous talk radio is this one: "Thunder is good, thunder is impressive, but it is lightning that does the work."


Anonymous Lee said...

great cartoon, John C.

7:17 PM  

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