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Monday, October 15, 2007

Men and Their Toys

Man says to his friend, "I've had the same car for twenty-five years and never had a wreck." Friend replies, "I've had the same wreck for twenty-five years and never had a car." Ba da boom. I first heard that joke as a kid, but it doesn't work anymore. Nowadays nobody keeps the same car for that long. I've got a Nissan Sentra now that I love. It was almost new 11 years ago when I bought it, but before that I never kept a car more than three or four years. I just kept exchanging one wreck for another.


Anonymous Lee said...

I drove a little dodge Dakota for 16 years. It had over 170,000 miles on it when the mechanic that kept repairing it begged me with tears in his eyes to get another car. Somehow the newer truck just does not have the charm of the little Dakota. Never mind that the windows did not work very well and I had to park it on a hill in order to get it to start in the mornings especially when it was cold. However, I, no longer, get started quickly when it is cold so we suited each other. We won't mention the peeling of the body paint.

Good cartoon, John C. Commentary is its usual professional self.

8:26 PM  
Blogger Mary Jansen said...

What is it with men and cars? Honestly! My hubby has a 17 year old Honda Civic that he refers to as the "good" car. He has babied it all these years and, I have to say, it still runs quite nicely. He's personally attatched to it...a not so uncommon trait in some men I understand, (not that we women don't have our extensive list of odd traits too...I just wish I could comprehend this mechanical anthropomorphizing. Someone could write a book on it.) Great cartoon John!

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John I drive a 2003 Baja Subaru(A sort of semi -pickup truck). It has come to be equiped with what my daughter calls the optional dirt floor I haven't been fond of any car since my inherited 1934 rumble seat Ford V-8 . Mary I would like to get in touch with you to arrange an art looking trip on my next Chicago visit.Roger

2:14 AM  

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