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Friday, September 19, 2008

Leave It To Experts

Continuing with yesterday's theme of advertising, the economic woes seizing the country remind me of the story about the man with a hot dog stand. He decided to try a bit of advertising and sure enough his business picked up. He spent some more and profits increased again, so he continued to up his ad budget until, in time, his business had grown to a chain of hot dog restaurants across the country. He became so wealthy he was able to send his son to an expensive ivy league school, and then to grad school where he got his MBA. The son joined him in the business and suggested they could cut back on the advertising and save money. Soon business started falling off, and the son again suggested a reduction in advertising. This continued until the man was right back where he's started, with a hot dog stand.


Anonymous Lee said...

So what are you trying to say, John C. (grin)

Love the cartoon. Maybe God should start to advertise on the internet. {smile}

1:12 PM  

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