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Thursday, October 02, 2008

You Bet Your Life

In an interesting confluence of facts that has no meaning other than what we wish to make of it, today is the anniversary of the births of two 20th century icons, Mahatma Gandhi, born in 1869, and Groucho Marx, born sometime in the 1890's. The one gave us surreal humor, the other the principle of non-violence. Both serve us well right now, as Congress attempts to extinuish a fire with gasoline and matches, the conflagration they had a hand in starting.


Anonymous Lee said...

That is my worry as well. How do each of us come up with the money. Especially when the wealthy thumb their noses at all us plebeians.

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Jean said...

Lee... surely you won't have to. Isn't that just an arbitrary figure costed out per head of population? The Govt. foots the bill? If they play their cards right and manage to set some ground rules to keep big business honest... they should be able to get it all back in time. Geez... who would know... the bailout might already be too little too late. Hope not.

Thank God there's still painting! LOL

1:07 AM  

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