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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spend a Penny

It's ironic that at exactly the same time the U.S. economy is in a shambles, our government is unveiling four new designs for the penny, the most useless of all our money. How much do you suppose that cost? I'm in free association mood this morning. This reminds me of a radio interview I heard yesterday with a conservative who described himself as "a free market, less government" advocate. He went on to admit that we were in a crisis now, and that he had no solutions. He could begin, I thought, by admitting it was the policies of his ilk that got us into this mess.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, I'm emailing this cartoon to my wife! Rico

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Jean said...

These are worrying times John. So pleased tho that your sense of humour is still alive and well!

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Lee said...

First, love the cartoon, totally agree with her. (grin)

Second, this has been coming on for years. Both parties are at fault, enough blame to go around to everyone.

OK, jump all over my opinion but it does not change the fact that both parties are to blame, they are all greedy bloated fat cats who care nothing for the people who voted them into office. The voters would not know an honest politician if they actually stumble upon one. Honest?, politician?, oxymoron for sure!

So glad that I decided not to speak of politics again. Else, I might have said something rude (grin)

8:43 PM  

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