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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Dog's Life

My little wire-haired dachshund Zuzu has me totally trained now. She refuses to eat dog food, so I must prepare her dinner every evening from fresh ingredients. Among her favorite meals is Asian-style beef or chicken with vegetables and rice. She won't eat from a dog dish, but insists on a plate, and now will sit next to her meal waiting for me to feed her by hand. Dog "experts" tell me what I'm doing is wrong. Why, I wonder? Because it's bad for the dog, or less easy for me?


Anonymous Lee said...

Love this cartoon, John C. also the commentary as I have a dog who has me well trained much as Zulu has you. Skittles' pillow on the bed must be placed just so, the covers not too hot nor too cold, middle of bed is hers as well as the two side, three days out of the week must be bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast, light lunch and meat plus veggies for dinner. Dinner to be served no later than 6pm. Fully expect Skittles any day now to demand a glass of red wine with meat entree or white with fish in an engraved wine glass, well just as soon as she gets the hang of holding same.

10:22 PM  

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