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Friday, March 27, 2009


As I teeter on the cusp of completing seven decades, having so recently been wrestling with the technological challenges of the computer age, I marvel that it was on March 27, only 40 years before I was born less one day, that Guglielmo Marconi sent the first radio signals across the English Channel. Half a century later Marconi's leap forward made possible the radio classic, It Pays To Be Ignorant.


Anonymous Jean said...

So glad I am not on that table!! LOL

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Lee said...

Share your view on that. Jean. Love the cartoon and the commentary made me laugh. Is a happy birthday in order here, John C? I stopped having birthday when I hit 40, never you mind how many years ago that was, let just say that Edison and I have a lot in common.

9:21 PM  
Blogger John M Crowther said...

Thanks, Jean and Lee. A happy birthday isn't so much "in order" as to be deeply desired, as is a happy anything. But if there's any comfort to be had in getting older, at least there's a good reason for the wrinkles one sees in the face staring back from the mirror.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Jean said...

It's HAPPY BIRTHDAY then John. In fact... HAPPY EVERYTHING! Hope your special day is filled with joyful wonder and the years to come with gainful enterprise. You are younger than you know.

4:08 PM  
Blogger John M Crowther said...

Thanks, Jean, I appreciate those thoughts. This morning I looked in the mirror and saw the same signs of aging that have been staring back at me for quite a while now, but it didn't seem quite so troubling. I've earned every one of those lines. Besides, age isn't really a matter of time, it's a matter of distance travelled.

9:18 AM  

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